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As a West Virginia native, I fell in love with learning and writing when I was a little girl. Initially SonniD was started as a means to keep you informed in the entertainment world, but with time, it evolved into something more elaborate and meaningful. Inspired by my professional and personal experiences, I developed a deep passion to redefine how women saw themselves. My mission is to empower, educate and inspire women while promoting positivity. I’m all about “Good NRG” and making a positive impact!

You will find my thoughts and opinions regarding fitness, being a kinky curly chick using all the juices, berries and butters in my hair and being a mother to a micro preemie. I thought it was hard before to balance work, life and living healthy, but now with a micro preemie with special needs…it’s almost impossible. I’m also a career mother and “mompreneur”.

Do I have it all together? Nah, I’m still figuring things out but I’m committed to this journey of constantly learning. I am so excited for the opportunity to inspire you! Feel free to drop me a line!

I look forward to reading your emails between workouts, cooking, chasing a toddler, hiding in the closet eating snacks and twisting our hair.