Protective Styling with Crochet Braids

Huuuunnntttyyy, I broke down and got crochet braids in May before my work trip to Australia and let me tell you…amazing! They are simple, look ah-mazing and super cheap! I mean, who doesn’t like to save some schmoney?

Now back in the day, crochet braids weren’t the business but today? Honey child…yes! They come in so many different colors and lengths and in my opinion, look more natural. From wavy to curly and straight, you can pick whatever hairstyle you want with crochet braids.

I absolutely love my crochet braids and am looking forward to getting it done again…Hey Keisha! She’s in Dallas if you want your braids done. I purchased the Bantu Knot Out by Sensationnel from Sam's Beauty

Have you tried crochet braids? What did you like or didn’t like? What is your go-to protective style?