Best Beers for the Summer

Summer is here! And in honor of the 4th of July, I decided to do something different. I don’t know where you’re at but it’s hotter than hell’s kitchen in Texas. A perfect day for me in the summer, is swimming, food cooking on the grill, choppin’ it up with my friends and drinking an ice cold beer. Other than water, nothing is better than a frew brews on a hot summer day!

My beers change as the seasons do and summer beers are always light and refreshing. So, here’s my top five beers for the summer!

1. Blue Moon Mango Wheat

Maaaaan listen. Whoever had the bright idea of making a mango beer…THANK YOU! I stumbled upon this jewel two weeks ago shopping at Sprouts. I love mango and I love beer so this one is a hit. It’s light, crisp and it has just the right amount of mango flavor!

2. Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

Who likes beer? Annnnd who likes lemonade? If they had a baby, this would be it. This mixture of beer and lemonade is perfect. It’s tart yet refreshing. What was even more surprising to me was the fresh lemon taste. I’ll take a Samuel Jackson!

3. Shiner Strawberry Blonde

Texas and Shiner definitely go together. I didn’t know about Shiner until my friend Stephanie put me on and let me tell ya…I was missing out. The Strawberry Blonde isn’t sweet or tart but just right.

4. Leinenkugel’s Watermelon Shandy

Now I will admit that I was a little skeptical of watermelon beer. When I think of fruit and beer…watermelon wasn’t the first one that came to mind. The hint of watermelon in this beer is pure perfection. Perfect for the summer season.

5. Whatever You Like

You can have whatever you like *TIP voice*. Didn’t expect that one coming huh? Seriously, this spot is reserved for whatever beer is your favorite.

Before I go, enjoy your summer brews. If you’re going to be at the pool, lake or BBQ…don’t show up empty handed. That’s rude! Laugh a lot, catch some fireworks and tell those around you how much you appreciate them. NEVER eat store bought potato salad at a cookout or trust the grill master if he ain’t got on those Fisherman Scandals. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talmbout.

This was written while listening to the new JAY-Z album 4:44 and drinking a frew brews. Soooo I’m going to get back to it. Let me know what you think and feel free to comment your favorites.