Skincare with Miriam Be.

One thing we all worry about is…our skin. At one point or another, we’ve all had issues with our skin. From puberty and high school to college and adulthood. Somewhere along the way our skin flared up and ruined a date and plenty of pictures.

My first run-in with my skin acting up was two years ago, here I was 30-years old and freaking out because well my skin was freaking out. I’m sure the post-pregnancy hormones and birth control had a lot to do with it but boy it was a mess. I even started breaking out on my body. I could cover up my body but my face? Slap a filter on it! All jokes aside, my original skincare routine wasn’t working so I ventured out to try something new.

Hello Miriam Be. She was referred to me by my sister Dutchess and I’m all about supporting small businesses. Miriam was very knowledgeable about her products and their benefits and answered any questions I had.

I purchased in November and have been using most of the products to give you an honest review.

  • African Black Face Wash: By far my favorite face wash and very gentle on the skin.

  • Be Flawless Turmeric Face Wash: It didn’t work that well for me. For me, it made my breakouts worse and it was hard to get the “orange” stuff off. Turmeric has an orange-yellowish look to it.

  • Yes I Glow Moisturizer: If you have very dry skin, this is the moisturizer for you. I have combination skin that tends to get just a little dry in the winter and it was too much oil for me and made me breakout. I need something lighter.

  • Goats Milk Body Bar (Turmeric): Same thing as the face wash on my body.

  • Goats Milk Body Bar (Black Activated Charcoal): Same thing as the face wash…I will purchase this again. It helped me clear up my chest, back and arms.

  • Gentle Face Exfoliate: Loved it! It’s very gentle on your face and helps you get rid of dead skin.

  • Rose Water: Love the toner! It was very light, refreshing and reduced my inflammation.

  • Pretty Bright Eyes Eye Serum: Loved the serum but it was too much oil for my skin. Again, if you have very dry skin, this may work for you.

Overall, I will continue to purchase the items that worked for me from Miriam Be. All her ingredients are natural with no chemicals! Major plus! AND her customer service is amazing. If you give her a try, let me know!