Last Day of Physical Therapy

Photo taken by Sonni

Today was our last day of physical therapy (*insert praise break*)! I would say that WE are excited but I'm sure McKenzie has no clue what's going on. To say I'm excited is an understatement. We are losing two therapists and gaining two more but she's making progress.

McKenzie's bravery amazes me most days. When she started seeing Rebecka, her physical therapist, she wasn't crawling, walking and could barely sit up unassisted. She faced every therapy session with bravery. The things she once hated doing at therapy, she loves now! GOD IS AMAZING! 

I'm sure I stress and worry enough for the both of us and more. In spite of the challenges, she wakes me up with sloppy kisses and a smile on her face. She faces every day and every challenge with bravery. Little does she know, she pushes me to be a better woman and mother. On my bad days, she keeps me going. Her strength and bravery force me to be just as strong and brave.

She's too young to know any different right now but I tell her how brave and strong she is daily. She's a fighter. She's been fighting since the day she was born and our fight will continue until we get through all the medical challenges. One down and many more to go baby.

My sweet baby. Thank you for being a happy, smart, loving, stubborn and brave child McKenzie! It's a blessing and an honor to be your mother. Now, let's go celebrate with one of your favorite meals...chicken curry! I mean, who doesn't love curry?