Sleep for $500 Alex

Photo by Poike/iStock / Getty Images

The baby cries…you wake up. You THINK you hear the baby cry…you wake up. I can’t even remember the last time I slept for 8 hours straight. I’m sure it was pre-baby but I haven’t slept more than 3 hours straight since her arrival. Do I need more sleep Yuuuup! Will I get any more sleep? Negative Ghost Rider.

Sleep is a treasure in my household. McKenzie has some challenges and requires a lot of care PLUS I’m working. Here are a few ways to catch some zzzz’s throughout the day.

a. Nap when you can.

Yes, there are a million things to do BUT getting 15 minutes here and there can do wonders.

b. Allow people to help you.

My “short list”, the people I trust to watch her, is well…short. Even if it’s an hour, let them help.

c. Take a lunch nap.

When I was going into the office, I would take my lunch and go nap in the car. Return to the office and work and each lunch at the same time.

d. Go to bed when the baby goes to bed.

I only do this one when I’m dog tired. It helps tremendously. According to most moms, I won’t get any sleep until McKenzie is a preteen. I refuse to believe that. I would rather live in denial a little longer and be hopeful. Hopeful for what? That sometime in the next few months, I can clock 6 hours straight.

Happy Zzzzz hunting!

Sonni Hughes